Sedation Dentistry

Coming to see the dentist can be one of our greatest fears. Although, at Bow View Dental Care, we feel we provide a comfortable and relaxing environment, we appreciate that this might not be enough for the very anxious patient. If you are extremely fearful of dental treatment, Dr. Leong is able to provide oral and gas sedation in his office that can help reduce anxiety and make a visit to the clinic possible. Oral sedation is taken in the form a pill that you will take in the dental office about an hour before any treatment is started. Please be aware that you will need to arrange for someone to drive you home if you will be sedated in this way. Dr. Leong can also perform dental treatment on patients under nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas), that helps to take the edge off of someone who is very anxious. The advantage of gas sedation is that it works very quickly and leaves the system very quickly, so you will leave your appointment alert and aware. Whatever your fears might be, Dr. Leong encourages you to always come for a first visit where an examination can be done to determine what treatment will be necessary and if it will be possible for you to have work while sedated. You might be surprised to find out that under the care of Dr. Leong and his team you may not need any sedation at all! Contact Us Today!



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