How Your Cochrane Dentist Keeps Your Kids Out of Surgery

You care about your kids health, of course—what Cochrane parent doesn’t? And you know that making sure your kids are regularly brushing and flossing their teeth is an important part of keeping them healthy at every age, from the moment that very first tooth sprouts up.

But did you know that cavities and severe tooth decay are the leading causes of day surgeries for Canadian kids between the ages of one and five? According to a study conducted by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, tooth decay and cavities account for one-third of all outpatient surgeries performed on children in this age group—and most of those surgeries could be avoided!

Why go through the pain, stress, and worries of putting your child under general anesthesia when preventing cavities and tooth decay is so easy? A regular brushing and flossing routine at home, a proper diet, and regular visits to your family-friendly Cochrane dentist will keep your teeth in tip-top shape and help keep your kids healthy without the need for surgery.

Dental Surgery is a Measure of Last Resort

There’s nothing inherently wrong with dental surgery, of course, and there are definitely times when anesthesia and a dental surgeon’s touch are called for. There are some services we perform right here in our Cochrane dental office that are invasive or uncomfortable enough for us to offer sedation, and we definitely urge everyone to get whatever care they and their kids need to restore optimal oral health.

When dental surgery is called for in such young children, though, especially when it is for tooth decay and cavities, it can be a sign that proper dental care and diet aren’t being maintained at home, and it’s very likely that many of the children undergoing dental surgery each year aren’t getting regular checkups and cleanings at the dentist, either. That means kids are being subjected to unnecessarily invasive dental procedures due to a lack of preventative care—and that’s not fair.

Tooth decay has to be very severe for surgery to be recommended, and it’s a fate we try to help all of our Cochrane dental patients avoid whenever possible. In young kids especially, regular cleaning and check-ups should be plenty to ward off the need for surgery in almost all cases; even kids in families that have “bad teeth” can help prevent severe tooth decay by simply brushing and flossing twice daily, eating a proper diet, and by visiting the dentist once every six months.

Make Preventative Dental Care a Priority for Your Cochrane Family

If you think the daily arguments about tooth brushing are difficult, just think of the alternative. Convincing, cajoling, and commanding good dental care from your children will give them health habits that last a lifetime—and that keep them away from dental surgeons in their youth. Make an appointment with your Cochrane dentist today and make sure your kids’ teeth are still top-notch chompers.


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