Let Your Cochrane Family Dentist Be One Less Pain in the…Mouth

Oral pain, including toothaches and other problems, affect many individuals and families in the Cochrane area. According to the Canadian Dental Association, 11.6% of all Canadians experience oral pain sometimes or often during a one year period. And amazingly, they don’t all call up their friendly family dentist right away!

Why sit and suffer with a toothache or other oral pain when it often stems from simple problems that can be solved with a single appointment with your dentist? Even if it requires a more extensive dental procedure such as a root canal, crown, or dental implant, the pain you’re experiencing and the potential for the problem to become far more serious makes a quick call to the dentist a no-brainer—you can get healthy, feel better, and move on with your life, or you can spend months in on-again, off-again agony until you ultimately end up calling the dentist anyway.

The choice ought to be easy.

A Non-Scary Dentist in Cochrane Might Help You See the Light

A lifelong fear of going to the dentist holds back many in the Cochrane area from seeking out the oral health professionals who are here to serve them. Bad experiences with their childhood dentist, bad vibes they picked up from their parents or other adults in their lives about sitting in the dentist’s chair, or a build-up over time of nervousness about having dental professionals working inside patients’ mouths can all contribute to someone’s reluctance to call the dentist.

But is the fear really worth the pain? If you knew there was a dentist local to the Cochrane area who was committed to making each and every one of his patients feels as comfortable, confident, and at-ease as possible, would that make a difference?

At Bow View Dental Care, our whole team—from dentist to dental hygienists to receptionists—wants to make sure your mouth stays as healthy as possible, and we know that means making you an active, happy participant in your dental care. We not only strive to prevent any visit to our dental office from becoming in the least bit scary or stressful, but to help you overcome any fears you might have built up on previous visits to the dentist. We put you in the driver’s seat, carefully explaining your options and ensuring that you’re ready to proceed at each step on your road to perfect dental health.

You’re in control of your oral well-being, whether you’re in pain or just in need of a regular dental check up.

Call Your Friendly Cochrane Family Dentist Today

If you or a family member has been experiencing a toothache or other oral pain and has been putting off that call to the dentist, pick up the phone and call our office today. We’re happily seeing new patients, and we’ll make sure you and yours get the help and the health you’ll need for happy smiles.


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