A Cochrane Dentist’s Tips for Brushing Your Teeth

You’ve been hearing “brush your teeth” all your life—from your parents, from your dentist, and maybe from your spouse or even your kids. It’s good advice, too: there’s no better way for every member of your Cochrane family to keep your teeth and gums healthy than regular brushing and flossing (you should check in with your favorite dentist a couple times a year, too).

What you probably haven’t been hearing enough of is how to brush your teeth. You know it’s important to do it, but you might not be doing it right. Here are a few tips from the Canadian Dental Association and your friendly Cochrane family dentist to help you brush properly and keep your mouth clean, healthy, and gleaming.

Approach Your Dental Care from the Right Angle

Your toothbrush bristles shouldn’t be pressed flat against your teeth’s surface, but rather pointed at a 45-degree angle so it can get below (or above, on your top set of teeth) the gum line. Cleaning plaque and bacteria from this area is an especially important part of your long-term dental health.

Keep Going in Circles

Scrubbing your teeth up and down or back and forth isn’t actually the best way to clean your teeth. Small circles that gently cleanse your teeth and behind your gums will actually help loosen all of the unwanted substances and biological visitors on your teeth and sweep them away.

You should also refrain from putting too much pressure on your toothbrush or being too harsh on your teeth and gums. Soft pressure actually cleans your mouth better, and is better for your gums and dental surfaces, too.

Good Dental Care is a Whole Mouth Affair

Many people think of their teeth as having a front, a back, and a chewing surface, but your teeth are actually curved and have lots of nooks and crannies (not to mention the parts that require flossing). Brushing every reachable part of your teeth is important, but even that’s just the beginning—you should be brushing the inside of your cheeks (gently!) and your tongue, too, removing all the bacteria you can for optimal dental health.

Use the Right Tools the Right Way

Your toothbrush should have soft, rounded bristles to prevent unwanted damage and to best clean your teeth. You should also try to change your brushing pattern around to make sure you aren’t missing spots in your mouth, and start timing yourself, too: a good, complete brushing should last between two and three minutes.

Visit Your Cochrane Family Dentist When You’re Done!

Coming to the dentist doesn’t need to be a part of your daily dental care routine, but it should happen every six months or so. If you follow these brushing tips—and remember to floss—twice a day, your next checkup will be a breeze. You can contact us any time to have us take a look and give you the congratulations you deserve!


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