What to Expect on Your First Visit to Our Cochrane Dental Office

Every patient who visits our Cochrane office and sees our dentist gets personal attention and care, from Dr. Leong and from every member of the Bow View Dental Care team. For new patients, this personal attention starts on the first visit with a comprehensive exam that helps us get to know you—and your mouth!—so we can provide you with the best care possible.

Your dental health is our primary goal, and that means we’ll be digging deep on your first visit so we can better plan your care and give you the tips and tools you need to practice top-top dental hygiene at home. Here’s an overview of what you’ll experience when you become a patient of Cochrane’s favorite family dentist.

Initial Screenings for Your Teeth and Oral Health

One of the most important parts of any first-time visit to your new dentist is the initial assessment of your teeth and screening for any potentially serious oral health issues. The more our dentist knows about your teeth and the state of your oral health, the better able he’ll be to give you exactly the care that you need, and the more informed you’ll be when it comes to improving your own dental hygiene. In addition, catching dental health issues early makes fixing them easier and less costly, and that’s something every patient—and every dentist—can appreciate.

As part of our initial assessment, we’ll take digital photographs of your teeth and your smile. This will help us point out any problems we find, and it will also give you and our dental team a visual record of progress made when it comes to correcting issues and giving you the healthiest smile possible.

Then, of course, we’ll take x-rays of your teeth and mouth to look for cavities and other problems that lie beneath the surface of your teeth and gums, and we’ll also screen for oral cancer—something very few patients need worry about, but an important thing to look for as early detection makes treatment much more effective and outcomes far better.

We’ll also assess the function of your teeth and check all of your existing dental work to make sure there are no loose crowns or fillings and no other problems with your biting and chewing functions. A periodontal assessment will look at the bones and tissues that support your teeth, giving us a comprehensive look at your oral health and a full understanding of the dental care you need.

Finally, we’ll discuss everything we find to make sure you understand where your teeth stand. If there are any issues that require treatment, we’ll talk about your options and what you can expect to help you make the best choices for you and your oral health. Then a friendly farewell, possibly with a follow-up appointment scheduled, and you’ll be on your way with a healthy, sparkling smile!

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