Making Your Child’s Trip to Their Cochrane Dentist as Relaxed as Can Be

Every dentist in Cochrane has one primary goal in mind: keeping their patients’ teeth, gums, and mouth in the best health possible. There are a lot of things that contribute to this goal, though, and while dental knowledge and expertise are important so is patient comfort and empowerment.

We want to make every visit you and your children make to our office as stress-free as possible, and we want to make sure you leave with the know how to give yourself the best at-home dental care possible. We take this commitment especially seriously when it comes to children and their first visits to our family-friendly Cochrane dental practice, as the habits and attitudes they develop while young will influence their dental hygiene for the rest of their lives.

Here’s how we strive to make every Cochrane kid who strolls through our doors relaxed during their visit and excited about caring for their teeth at home—and a quick tip on how you can help!

Making Dentistry a Happy Affair For All Cochrane Families

First and foremost, we’re all about smiles. We make sure our patients’ smiles are healthy and bright, and every member of the Bow View Dental Care team is always wearing theirs, too. When your child thinks of the dentist, we want them thinking of friendly faces and a happy atmosphere, so that’s what we project from the moment you come inside.

If we can get your child smiling before they’re seated in the dentist’s chair, any exam, cleaning, or other dental procedure is sure to go off without a hitch.

We’re Expert Child Conversationalists

After some smiling introductions, we always engage in a bit of friendly chit-chat to help your child feel at ease. If they’re clutching a favorite toy, we might ask to be introduced and we’ll find a conversation topic that interests your child. Getting them talking about a subject they love builds a bond that makes the dental work less stressful, and that makes it easier for our Cochrane dental team to give them the care they need.

We Pay Attention to Every Cochrane Child’s Comfort With Dental Procedures

Some kids are already excited about their visits to the dentist. They want to know about every tool, every device, and every procedure—and we’re happy to oblige if that keeps them engaged! Other kids (and more than a few adult patients) prefer their dentist to talk about something else or even nothing at all while the work is being done.

We empathize with all our patients, and deliver our dental care with service suited to them.

Parents are a Big Part of Keeping Cochrane Kids Happy at the Dentist

We know that many Cochrane parents are themselves apprehensive about a visit to the dentist, and that’s perfectly understandable. The more you can put on a positive display for your child, though, the less apprehensive they will be. Demonstrating good dental hygiene techniques at home and a good attitude about going to the dentist—even if you don’t quite feel it!—are both important parts of establishing good dental health practices for your children.

Make an Appointment at Cochrane’s Friendliest Family Dentist Today

If you have a child or two (or more) who are due for a trip to the dentist, contact our office for an appointment today! We’ll even try to get your whole family in during one visit, if possible, to make things even easier for the whole family.


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