Is Your Cochrane Child Ready for a Trip to the Dentist?

You might think that your toddler—or even some older children—aren’t really ready for a trip to the dentist. After all, their “grown up” teeth haven’t come in yet, so dental hygiene isn’t as essential in these early years, right?

Actually, the Canadian Dental Association recommends that children start seeing the dentist within six months of when their first tooth—that’s their first “baby” tooth—comes in, or by their first birthday even if teething hasn’t started in earnest yet. There are several reasons starting your child’s dentist visits this early are important, and good dental health is chief among them.

Even Baby Teeth Can Get Cavities

Bacteria aren’t picky about the difference between “grown up” and “baby” teeth. To them, all teeth provide the same cozy place to set up a home and start the chemical erosion processes that can lead to cavities and the buildup that can contribute to gum disease and other oral health issues down the line.

Cavities can and do happen in children, and that can cause them pain that they’ll have trouble articulating to you, not to mention other potential health problems. Getting your young children’s teeth regularly inspected and cleaned by a dentist ensures that they’ll stay in optimal health from top to bottom. That’s what every parent wants, so listen to the professionals and make that first appointment early!

Every Parent Can Use a Bit of Help with Dental Hygiene

There’s another reason it’s important to start bringing your children to the dentist as soon as they start sprouting teeth. Talking to a dentist early and often will help you get the information you need for the best in-home care of your tots’ teeth, especially if there are any minor issues or heightened susceptibilities to tooth problems identified.

Don’t expect a lecture every time you make an appointment—we’re here to make dental hygiene at home fun and easy for all involved, and most importantly to make sure it’s carried out in the best way possible. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to keep them smiling in perfect health.

Early Dentist Visits Set the Stage for Lifelong Dental Health

Finally, starting your kids’ visits to the dentist early makes the experience more familiar and less frightening for them in the future. Not only will it help to ensure they grow up taking great care of their teeth, but it will enable them to see the dentist as another friendly face who’s there to keep them healthy and strong.

When good dental habits start in early childhood, they’re more likely to continue well into old age. At Bow View Dental Care, we make every trip to the dentist as pleasant as can be, helping children (and parents) of all ages understand the importance of good dental health and making it fun in the process.

Whether you’ve just recently celebrated a first tooth or are a little bit behind in making that first dentist appointment, we’d love to have you stop by for baby’s first dental checkup! Call our office to schedule your visit today!


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