Visiting Your Cochrane Dentist Shouldn’t Be Scary

For many people in the Cochrane area, going to the dentist is one of the scariest experiences they face in their day-to-day lives. These fears might stem from a bad experience during previous dental checkups and procedures, from stories and attitudes learned from other family members, or simply from the realities of a dental appointment itself—sitting nice and still while someone works with your teeth isn’t anyone’s favorite activity, and for some it’s worse than others.

We understand those fears, and we understand where they come from. People who are scared of the dentist are perfectly rational and perfectly normal, and they deserve to have a dentist and dental hygiene team that keeps them perfectly healthy while making them as comfortable and at-ease as they can be.

At Bow View Dental Care, we take every effort to create an atmosphere that helps everyone—from kids on their first visit to the dentist to grown ups who’ve avoided the dentist for years—feel as confident and in control of their dental care as possible.

Keeping Cochrane’s Dental Visits Comfortable and Fear-Free

Friendly, understanding, and professional, everyone at Bow View Dental Care is committed to compassionate and comprehensive treatment for every single one of our patients. Whatever your fears are, and whatever the specifics of the dental care you’re in our office to receive, we keep you in control. If there’s anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable and less scary, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Dr. Leong and his hygienists are here to keep you healthy, and that means keeping you in charge of your dental care. Everything becomes less scary when you have the information you need to make the best decisions, and the power to make those decisions for yourself. We try to empower every one of our patients in order to remove the fear and anxiety that can surround a visit to the dentist.

We also understand that for some, the less you have to think about your dental procedures the better. Whether you want a careful explanation of each procedure to help you feel more in control, or simply want to move ahead without delay while you focus on something else entirely, we’ll find the approach that makes you most comfortable.

Sedation for Cochrane Patients Who Find the Dentist Most Scary

For some Cochrane patients, the anxiety built up around a visit to the dentist is so extreme that even the best environment and most courteous, comforting care can’t put them at ease. Avoiding the dentist isn’t a healthy solution; instead, Bow View Dental Care offers sedation for these cases, allowing even the most fearful patients to receive the dental care they need without the psychological and emotional upset that a visit can cause.

We prefer not sedating patients unless it is absolutely necessary, but we offer it as an option to ensure you can get the care you need. Gentle sedation, carefully monitored, can be a safe way to reduce the stress you feel during your visit to the dentist.

Don’t Be Scared—Call for Your Cochrane Dentist’s Appointment Today

We’re here to provide you the care you and your family need, with the compassion you deserve. Whether you’re making an appointment for yourself or your child, for a simple cleaning or a more extensive procedure, there’s no need to be nervous—call today, and our friendly staff will make your next visit to the dentist as easy as can be.


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