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How Your Cochrane Dentist Keeps Your Kids Out of Surgery

You care about your kids health, of course—what Cochrane parent doesn’t? And you know that making sure your kids are regularly brushing and flossing their teeth is an important part of keeping them healthy at every age, from the moment that very first tooth sprouts up. But did you know that cavities and severe tooth […]

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Let Your Cochrane Family Dentist Be One Less Pain in the…Mouth

Oral pain, including toothaches and other problems, affect many individuals and families in the Cochrane area. According to the Canadian Dental Association, 11.6% of all Canadians experience oral pain sometimes or often during a one year period. And amazingly, they don’t all call up their friendly family dentist right away! Why sit and suffer with […]

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A Cochrane Dentist’s Tips for Brushing Your Teeth

You’ve been hearing “brush your teeth” all your life—from your parents, from your dentist, and maybe from your spouse or even your kids. It’s good advice, too: there’s no better way for every member of your Cochrane family to keep your teeth and gums healthy than regular brushing and flossing (you should check in with […]

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What to Expect on Your First Visit to Our Cochrane Dental Office

Every patient who visits our Cochrane office and sees our dentist gets personal attention and care, from Dr. Leong and from every member of the Bow View Dental Care team. For new patients, this personal attention starts on the first visit with a comprehensive exam that helps us get to know you—and your mouth!—so we […]

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Making Your Child’s Trip to Their Cochrane Dentist as Relaxed as Can Be

Every dentist in Cochrane has one primary goal in mind: keeping their patients’ teeth, gums, and mouth in the best health possible. There are a lot of things that contribute to this goal, though, and while dental knowledge and expertise are important so is patient comfort and empowerment. We want to make every visit you […]

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A Dentist’s Vision of a Cavity-Free Cochrane

Nothing makes me—or any other dentist—happier than seeing a full set of healthy teeth and gums, clean and sparkly and taken care of in a way that will have them last a lifetime. Cavities are a common problem, though, and they can mar that perfect landscape even with regular and proper at-home dental care. This […]

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